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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Filled With Activities

Saturday began with father and son attending a men's breafast at the church. There were 15 men that came to the breafast, and they were responsible for preparing the meal, then we had a devotional time. I had the opportunity of sharing my testimony as to how I was saved as a young boy.
After we got home Pedro and I took the kids to the beach. The grandkids had a wonderful time running around playing, kicking the soccer ball. When we got home they were tired and hungry. Which made it real easy to put the babies down for their afternoon nap. Eva, Isabel and Owen are relaxing playing very quiet.
Stephanie, Kathy and Nina have a ladies meeting this afternoon. Kathty is giving her testimony and then a small devotional. So Saturday was a day of meetings, yet there was time to enjoy our grandchildren. We have just one more full day with our kids and then we start our long journey back to the states. We will return home with fond memories of our visit to Chile, once again thanking the Lord for this wonderful trip.

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  1. Hey! It's Janell. Sounds like a really great time. I hope it was very refreshing for your family spiritually as well. I'm so glad you were able to all spend some time together! (I hope to hear from Nina about it this weekend :-)