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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday Was A Day of Relaxtion

Friday was a day where we just took it easy. Pedro our son had to do some studying and the girls went to school excited that they were going to start a two week break. It was nice to just stay home and relaxe after all the excitement of travel, meeting the family, adjusting to the cold weather, meeting church family and doing a little sight seeing.
We were able to visit a therapy center where Isabel goes twice a week to help on her motor skills. Stephanie was sharing that the government provides this service to them, which we feel is a blessing from the Lord. Later that evening we visited with the Spinks family co-worker with Pedro and Stephanie. We also knew them as they attended our church when they were in language school. It was indeed a pleasure to see them once again and surprise as to how much their children have grown after two years.
We finished the evening by playing Rook when we got home. We laugh, screamed and got silly as the game continued. We are going to treasure these moments of family get together.

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