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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Lord's Day

As we were making plans to attend church, Kathy, Nina and I were looking forward to being in the Lord's house to worship with our brothers and sisters here in Iquique. As I mentioned in our service this morning, there may be differences in culture, words, and customs, but our adoration for the Lord is still the same. God's word crosses all cultures, and God's principles are still the same whether we are in the Texas or in Iquique.
It was a joy to hear our son aptly teach the Sunday School class. Pedro also enjoyed the opportunity to preach. The congragation was very friendly and loving toward us. We are thrilled to be here and see the work in which our children are involved. Now when our kids report to us on how the ministry is going, we will be able to see the church and people in our minds. We say with grateful grateful hearts, "Thank you, Lord, for giving us this opportunity to come to Chile.
We have just experienced our first tremors. It was a small one, but strong enough to know what it was.

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